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Launch Day Post - Sky Garden - the new romantic suspense title from Jenny Schwartz

Today, MBB welcomes Jenny Schwartz, who is a hopeful romantic with a degree in Sociology and History — people watching and digging into the past. She lives in Western Australia and is working towards her dream of living by the sea. Jenny writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance and steampunk..


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Can you tell us something about your new book, Jenny?

On the rooftops of London, you can be anyone. Mystery and love above a quirky Bloomsbury museum, with a serial killer closing in.
“Sky Garden” is romantic suspense with glamour and the idyll of an English summer for background. The heroine is a former psychic, an ex-medium, and the hero is an aristocratic gardener.

Can you sum up the book in a Tweet-sized sentence?
Mystery & love in London #NewRelease SKY GARDEN is captivating #romanticsuspense

What gave you the inspiration to write this book?
I wanted to write a novel about identity and finding where we belong. I also wanted to write something truly romantic; something where the love story is supported by an extraordinary life. I think my hero and heroine’s passion for their different careers achieves that.

This novel is self-published. Have you self-published before? Are you excited about this?
I have self-published before and I love the adventure of it. I’m a bit of a control freak, so being answerable only to myself – not to a publisher, as much as I’ve been blessed with some fabulous ones – is thoroughly enjoyable. I can take risks and break rules.

How long did it take for you to write the story?  Did the characters keep you awake at night?
I thought of “Sky Garden” for quite a few weeks before I started writing it, and then, it took me months of writing and revision – and giving huge thanks for my critique partner, Eliza Redgold – to have it all polished and joyous. And yes, the characters became very real to me and so did their homes. In fact, I think at times I almost inhabited the quirky museum in the book.

What's next on your agenda?
I have a paranormal romance coming out Dec 9, and it’ll be free Dec 11-13 on Amazon. “Djinn Justice” fabulous fun to write, and a complete change to “Sky Garden” because being a fantasy, I could just pile improbability upon impossibility. But underlying the fantastic adventure, “Djinn Justice” is a story about loving someone and trusting that love.


On the rooftops of London, you can be anyone.

A year ago, Lanie Briers escaped a serial killer. She grew up in a theatre family and her act was mediumship, but not anymore. Life, now, is a hidden retreat above a quirky Bloomsbury museum, where she waits and watches.

Nick Tawes is an unexpected intrusion. He's a landscape architect filming a television series on roof gardens, and he intends to build one in Lanie's aerial territory. He has his own demons, old family troubles, that lure Lanie out of her refuge and into living again.

But as summer progresses and the sky garden grows, Lanie's enemy is closing in--because some secrets must go to the grave.

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Karmic Kids by Kiran Manral - A Book About Parenting

Karmic Kids 
The Story of Parenting Nobody Told You !
Kiran Manral 


Move aside Tiger Mom and forget Helicopter Parenting, Karmickids is the view from the other side of the fence – of laid back parenting, of giving in to food jags, of making unstructured play time mandatory and of not bursting a blood vessel when your child’s grades are not something you might want to discuss in public.

A roller coaster ride of love, laughter, and a few tears, Manral takes you through the beautiful chaos of the early years of parenthood. Written in a gently humorous style, this home grown, hit-the-ground-running account of the chaos of day-to-day parenting is peppered with anecdotes, reminiscences, a little practical advice and is a non-preachy, hilarious take on raising a spirited child while retaining one’s good spirits through it all.

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What others say about Kiran Manral 

“I enjoy reading Kiran’s books. The genre of easy reading and happy reading with inevitable style, she keeps you hooked on the book from the first page to the last.”-- Tisca Chopra, actor

“This quick paced, fun new book had me enthralled.”--Tara Sharma Saluja, Actress and Co-producer and host of The Tara Sharma Show
“Kiran's writing style is witty, humorous and makes you think. She has a penchant for making even the most mundane, interesting because of the razor sharp observations, served with a dollop of dead-pan humour.” --PreetiShenoy, bestselling author

“Kiran's writing is that rarity in today's world - the ability to be really good without taking itself too seriously. This is writing that is effortless in its humourand also its fluidity. It asks not for heavy literary criticism but for a certain laid-back enjoyment.” --Parul Sharma, bestselling author

"Kiran's stories are fun, engaging and always fresh - and her droll style, of course, inimitable!"-- Yashodhara Lal, bestselling author
“Kiran's writing is delightful, her wit inimitable and her sense of romance untarnished by cynicism that is so typical of our times.”— ShunaliKhullar Shroff,  bestselling author

“Kiran Manral's sparkling sense of humour leaps off the page, every page. Her blog posts, books and columns have given me great joy over the years. She has a distinct original voice that brought a breath of fresh air in the world of Indian Writing in English.” – Devapriya Roy, Bestselling author  

About the Author 

Kiran Manral worked as a journalist with The Asian Age and The Times of India before she quit full time work to be a full time mommy. One of the leading bloggers in India, her blogs were listed in Labnol's list of India's top blogs, and her parenting blog, Karmickids, was ranked among the top five parenting blogs in India by Blogadda. She was also a Tehelka blogger columnist on gender issues.

She was listed among the 10 non-celebrity 'social media stars' on twitter by the TOI and IBN Live named her as among the 30 most interesting Indian women to follow on twitter and among the top 10 Indian moms to follow on twitter in 2013. Fashion named her as amongst the most stylish authors in India. listed her as one of the 20 women authors from India to be followed on twitter.

Post the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, she founded India Helps, a volunteer network to help disaster victims post 26/11 and has worked on long term rehabilitation of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack victims and 13/7 Mumbai bomb blast victims, amongst others. She was part of core founding team behind Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month ( and Violence Against Women Awareness Month (, two very well received social media awareness initiatives.

Her debut novel, The Reluctant Detective, was published by Westland and her second novel Once Upon A Crush, was published by Leadstart a couple of years later. Her third book All Aboard!was published by Penguin Random House in August 2015. Karmic Kids is her fourth book and first nonfiction book. She has one more book due for release in 2015.

She is on the planning board of the Kumaon Literary Festival, an advisor on the Board of Literature Studio, Delhi, an Author Mentor at and a columnist at She was awarded the Women Achievers award by Young Environmentalists Group in 2013.

She currently blogs at and is on twitter @kiranmanral.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trampled Underfoot- a novel by Elizabeth Good

US author Elizabeth Good's latest novel TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT looks like a fascinating read.  Let's find out some more about it.

Elizabeth Good on the web:


1. What inspires you to write
My inspiration to write both of my books sprang from a burning desire to come to terms as to how and why I am where I am today. Both of my books are fictional but based on real life events which happened to me. I started "looking back" and decided that Fate played a huge part in my life as a teenager and the direction my life went was shaped by some pivotal moves of which I had no control over.  These two books, Trampled Underfoot, and the first book, Just Another Sunday, which is a Coming-Of-Age story, explores the interplay between Fate and Free Will Choices. There is no one (living or dead) on earth who is immune to these mysteries of Life. I'm certain that we all, at one time or another, have said something off the cuff like this: "As Fate would have it . . . " So circumstances that are within and beyond our control shape our destiny in Life.

2. What was the inspiration for Trampled Underfoot

I wasn't planning on writing Trampled Underfoot. I had toyed with the first chapter and then left it for many months as a very rough draft. But my friends and family had urged me to finish the story as they were hungering for more. So once I was on a roll Trampled Underfoot was completed in one year, whereas Just Another Sunday took five years from start to finish. I must say that Trampled Underfoot is well written and I am very proud of this book. 

3. Can you sum up the book in a tweet-sized sentence

When Fate and Freewill choices collide - Trampled Underfoot - an explosive, dirt-filled story.

4. What's your favorite writing tip 

My favorite writing tip is this: Make believe you are Bob Ross, the talented and famous T.V. show oil painter with the big Afro haircut. I'm sure you've heard of him. In a soft-spoken voice he showed us how to paint gorgeous landscape scenes within one-half hour's time. Writing a book is much like painting. Just like an artist who adds layers of paint to the canvas, a writer needs to adds layers and layers of descriptions to each scene. Each layer of words - dialogue, voice inflection, mannerisms, character intent, setting of where the scene is taking place, etc - adds richness and depth. These are elements which make the story come alive in the readers' imaginations.

5. What's next for you?

Not sure yet. I've been prodded to write yet another installment of the Lia Benedict and her family but that story is complete with Trampled Underfoot. My youngest sister is urging me to write a story that has nothing to do with Lia Benedict. I've been thinking about it but haven't come off the great ride I'm on with marketing Trampled Underfoot. When time goes on my mind may settle down enough to conjure up a totally different genre. I love writing. It's exhilarating and frustrating and rewarding.


No One Ever Chooses to Be Trampled Underfoot

. . . Or do they? The effects of Fate were immediately felt by the Benedict family after their move in 1968, from New York City to New Jersey, and reverberate far into the future in this dramatic and fast-paced, stand-alone follow-up novel.

Trampled Underfoot takes us on one more nostalgic journey through the 1970s and, once again, Ms. Good blurs the lines between true life events and fiction-seamlessly picking up the story from when we last saw Lia Benedict at the crossroads of life.

It's spring of 1976 and Lia, the hopeless romantic, is now 23 years of age and, whether by choice or by the hands of Fate, had recently become Mrs. Vic Somers.

She'd adopted the same controversial beliefs first introduced by her mother, Marie, upon her father's untimely death in 1970. This latest development creates a deeper rift in relations within the Benedict family. 

Vic Somers followed his bride's footsteps in her quest for righteousness and God's blessing, but has Vic's defective heart really changed from the cheating ways it once possessed?

Downtrodden, Lia's faith is shaken and her confidence crushed, but what can she do? Nothing. "My life's been set in stone and the cement is hardening around my feet." Immobilized and in denial, the dogma of a strict religion places an unhealthy fear of The Judgment Day if she makes any missteps in the here and now.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Spotlight on Magic Man by Jacquie Jacoby

Jacquie Jacoby's new release is an intriguing read indeed, with Celtic roots. Having Celtic roots myself, I'm naturally very keen to get my hands on this read. Let's check out this exciting new read.....

Jacqui Jacoby on the web:

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Meet the Author              

Award-winning author, Jacqui Jacoby lives and writes in the beauty of Northern Arizona. Currently adjusting to being an empty nester with her first grandchild to draw her pictures, Jacqui is a self-defense hobbyist. Having studied martial arts for numerous years she retired in 2006 from the sport, yet still brings strength she learned from the discipline to her heroines. She is a working writer, whose career includes writing books, teaching online and live workshops and penning short nonfiction,


Detective Peter Mackenzie knew crime and knew his job. With The Cemetery Man schedule to leave the next body on the next grave Peter doesn’t have time for the puzzling Alexandra Madison. Her wild stories of a stolen life and family and friends who don’t remember her. Her last resort, she tells him is him and the relationship they shared. Peter doesn’t need this nonsense and his eccentric father walking in only irritates him more. Until his father utters the name everyone forgot, giving hope to Alexandra for the first time. 

Time is their enemy as the weekend grows closer and on Sunday, Peter knows another body will be waiting. 

What he doesn’t know, what he couldn’t know, even with Alexandra delving deeper into his father’s past, the victims are not random. They are chosen with reason and the monster who takes them is not done. She is coming for one of them.

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FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE - The New Read from Rachael Thomas

MBB is happy to welcome Rachael Thomas today. Rachael Thomas writes emotional and compelling romances which keep the reader engaged until the last page is turned. Rachael very kindly agreed to answer my questions and the result is a very readable interview indeed....


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Rachael do you write when the muse strikes, or do you keep to a disciplined regime and write daily?
I’ve always fitted my writing in around the daily life of the farm and now that I’m published, nothing has changed. I don’t wait for the muse to strike; instead I sit at my computer and go in search of it. Sometimes it resists, so I resort to good old-fashioned pencil and paper until I’ve found it again. When I’m writing a book, I set myself a daily word count target and my own deadline. It works most of the time!

What's your best piece of advice for a new writer?
To never give up on your dreams, always believe in yourself as a writer and write something every day – even if it’s only a few sentences.

Please give us a tweet-sized summary of the plot of your latest book.
Forced together by the consequences of one night Nikos and Serena overcome past hurt and find their HEA.

What inspired you to write it?
 I actually was lucky enough to go to one of the Greek Islands a few years ago and loved it so much I knew I had to set a story against the backdrop of the beautiful island of Santorini and the allure of Athens. I had to wait a while before my Greek hero showed up and when he did, he didn’t disappoint. Serena, more than a match for Nikos, completed the picture.

What's next on your agenda?
I have just finished writing a book and it is with my editor now, so I’m about to start planning my next book. A time when my desk becomes covered in scribbled notes and the possibilities are endless.


A souvenir from her Greek affair! 

Three months ago, journalist Serena James had her heart broken by a man she'll never forget, especially not the fury in his eyes the night they parted. Now she's back in Santorini to tell him that their summer fling had unexpected repercussions…

Mogul Nikos Petrakis is on the verge of a deal that will make him even more powerful. He doesn't need any distraction—especially not a sexy redhead whose curves beg to be touched! But now that she's carrying his heir, Nikos is forced to make a decision.

It's time to make Serena his wife!

When one night…leads to pregnancy!

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Aftermath Lounge by Margaret McMullan

Today,MBB welcomes back talented author Margaret McMullan, who has released a book featuring stories of the destruction wrought in her part of  the world by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. That was a life-changing experience which neither Margaret nor the members of  her community will ever forget. This book is a distillation of the experiences of Margaret McMullan and her friends and family. It's also a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the small coastal town of Pass Christian, Mississippi, USA.


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In Margaret's own words......

Shortly after the storm hit, my husband and I drove down from Evansville, Indiana to Pass Christian, Mississippi.We saw aerial footage of the town and we could see that the roof on my parents’ house was mostly intact – that’s all we could see. We brought water and a lot of supplies to donate. There was a gas shortage then, and limited cell phone coverage. The closer we came to the town, the more it became like a war zone. The National Guard was there to keep people away, but we got through, thanks to a relative.

The night before we left, my mother told us to forget about everything else -- all she really wanted was the painting of her mother, which had been smuggled out of Vienna during WWII. We had house keys but there were no doors. When we got there, the house was gutted – the storm surge had essentially ripped through the house.

We put on rubber gloves and spent the day sifting through the debris, dragging out any salvageable pieces of furniture. The water had shoved through the closed shutters, plowed up under the foundation and tore open the back walls, bashing around the furniture, sinks, toilets, stoves, washers, driers.

We never did find the painting.

Elizabeth Bishop wrote a wonderful villanelle called “One Art.” She wrote about losing small items like keys and an hour badly spent, then she progresses to the greater losses -- her mother’s watch, a house, cities, rivers, a continent, and finally, a loved one. “The art of losing isn’t hard to master,” she starts. “So many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster.” I thought of that poem a lot.


On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 95% of the small coastal town of Pass Christian, Mississippi. With a 28-foot storm surge, the highest recorded in U.S. history, 55-foot waves, and winds reaching 120 mph, the town was wiped off the map—temporarily.
Award-winning author Margaret McMullan saw the destruction firsthand. Her family’s historic Gulf Coast home—her father’s beloved southern jewel—was one of the houses in Pass Christian devastated by Katrina. Despite the chaos immediately following the storm, McMullan’s family was among the first to rebuild and donated to the Red Cross, the Pass Christian fire station, and the Pass Christian library.

During this time, McMullan witnessed small acts of heroism that inspired her to write about the community and its people, and how tragedy shapes our character. In 2010, she was awarded a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship to complete the project.

Born in part out of her family’s deep connection to the community, Aftermath Lounge: A Novel in Stories (April 2015, Calypso Editions) releases at the 10-year anniversary of Katrina and comprises fictional vignettes about the people of Pass Christian in the storm’s wake. The stories are connected by a setting near to the author’s heart—the McMullans’ home, which was originally constructed in 1845 and restored by her father numerous times over the years.

Aftermath Lounge is a compelling tribute to the Gulf Coast and resurrects the place and its people alongside their heartaches and triumphs. It is a riveting mosaic that feeds our desire to understand what it means to be alive in this day and age.

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LAUNCH DAY of THE LOVE SHACK - a great new release from Tina K Burton

Today, MBB welcomes Tina K Burton back, with her brand new release, The Love Shack, a piece of contemporary women's fiction which is a really good read. She writes short stories, articles, novels, and even the occasional haiku. Both her novels, Chapters of Life, and, The Love Shack, are published by Crooked Cat Publishing, and she's working on her third, a story about a girl who dies suddenly, and finds herself back in the thirties.When she's not writing, Tina spends her time crafting, relaxing with friends, and taking her rescued greyhound for walks across the beautiful moorland in Devon, where she lives with her family.

Tina K Burton on the Web:

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Tina, what inspires your writing?
All sorts of things. Nature and the countryside around me, people - I love watching people and eavesdropping on conversations - snippets of things I see on the TV, anything and everything really.

How did you get the idea for this novel?
My daughter mentioned something about dating agencies, and I don't know where it came from, but the main character's name came to me - Daisy Dorson - and this whole scenario set around a dating agency then evolved from that. 

Did you face any obstacles in the creation of the novel?
If so, it would be great if you could share how you managed to overcome those obstacles!!! 
No, this one was easy and a real joy to write. The only problem I have is lack of discipline. I wish I could keep proper office hours when I write, but I don't work like that. I can sit down to write at 8am and still be there at 7pm, having not even stopped to eat. I'll do that for two weeks solid, but then go for a month without writing a thing. It's not a good way to work, but I can only write when I'm in the right frame of mind. So when I am, I make the most of it.

Please sum up the plot of THE LOVE SHACK in a Tweet-sized sentence (140 characters only!)
Daisy Dorson stomps into The Love Shack dating agency to complain about how useless they are, and ends up getting much more than she bargained for.

What's next on the agenda? Is there another novel in the foreseeable future?
Yes. I'm currently writing a novel set in the thirties. It's about a young girl who dies suddenly - she suffers with a phenomenon called Sudden Death Transition (it's not real, I made it up) - and she finds herself back in 1932. Her great aunt Clarissa looks after her. It's a fun story, but with an underlying sadness.


Welcome to The Love Shack! 

When Daisy Dorson stomps into The Love Shack dating agency to complain 
about how useless they are, she ends up getting much more than she bargained for. 

An unexpected offer, the people she meets along the way, and the course of events that follow, turn her life upside down. 

The Love Shack – a fun, feel-good read, with quirky characters, and plenty of romance... 

Get this book here:  Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon India

Here's the link for the Facebook Launch Party event for The Love Shack.  Celebrate the launch with Tina K Burton and her friends as THE LOVE SHACK goes live on Amazon.  See you there!

BTW: The ebook's now on release at an Amazon near you and available at an early bird price! Go grab your copy now!